Saturday, June 21, 2014


One down, four more to go! (Or was it 5?) I'm a bit rusty on my Sailor Moon weapons. I've been re-watching the entire series with my friends and we're currently in the end of the Sailor Moon R arc, so my it'll take a while for me to get through the rest of the series and remember all her weapons.

After this is the mid-length scepter with a heart on it, then the chalice, the sword, and her final scepter/staff...I think. I better double check.

These aren't the official stickers, these are just print outs from my ink jet to see if I like the sizing. Right now they are roughly 4" x 1.5", and I like it's size in relation to my transformation brooch button. I am debating on whether of not I'll make all the weapons this size, or have them sizes relative to their weapon size, but her sword and staff are really even though the perfectionist in me wants to make them all relative, I think that would be too large for a sticker.

Another progress shot under the cut!

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