Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tiny (Rage Inducing) Sprinkles Are COMPLETE!

Photo from my Instagram Account
I hate making these itty bitty sprinkles. They are hand made polymer clay nonpareil-style sprinkles that I make and cover in a luster dust to create a golden/iridescent sheen. I use them for all my You're my hero cookies, and they are a huge pain in my butt.

Admittedly candy-style sprinkles (the long tube-like ones) would be insanely easier to make in large batches, but it just doesn't have the same effect.

I make each one of these little things by hand so, until I find a better way, this is how they will be made from now until forever.

On a clumsy/frustrating note, I did what most crafters dread. I knocked over my container of these onto shag carpeting. After I cussed up a storm that would put any sailor to shame, I turned on my photo lights and sat on the floor picking each one up. Thankfully I got most of them back, but I am STILL mad that I did that.

Nothing sucks more than sitting there for hours hand making itty bitty clay sprinkles and then accidentally dumping them all over the floor. Have any of you ever done that? (Please tell me I'm not alone...and clumsy.)

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