Thursday, June 23, 2016


Lookin' all kinds of professional! Not like a food crazed sleepless zombie at all!
Look at me being all professional looking and junk!

So my numbers aren't super impressive, yet, but they're not bad considering I started the official blog in January of 2014. For roughly 2 years of hustling, this isn't too shabby.

Check out the backside after the cut!

Fancy Backgrounds & Life Update/Rambling

Bye bye stark white, hello FULL color backgrounds!
Yesterday was a really productive day for me! I was able to list my new Louise and TWEWY stickers on Etsy but instead of my usual stark white backdrop, I made fancy ones!

Well "made" isn't quite accurate. All I did was go to Pixabay and print out some free stock images of graffiti and cheeseburgers on some tabloid paper, but it made my stuff look so awesome!

This one really makes me want to doodle some burgers of my own!

If I had more time I would have made my own, but with everything else I have going on...

  • Packing for the Summer Fancy Food Show in NY this weekend (I leave Sat., return Wed.) 
  • Writing Food Reviews to queue up for the blog so it isn't stagnant while I'm away 
  • Making and shipping out Etsy orders
  • Listing NEW Etsy and Redbubble items
  • Filming, editing and queueing up YouTube videos (2 a week! Gotta keep that up) 
  • Washing, drying and folding 2 (long overdue) loads of laundry
  • Doing minor PR work for all the stuff I do online to generate interest and get views/sales
  • AND I have a few really big deals going on behind the scenes with some companies that I can't quite tell you guys about yet for both my art and my food blogging ventures.
  • All that, PLUS my 9-5 day job that is a 40+ min drive there and another 40+ min back every day...
So yeah, I did NOT have the time to doodle any burgers or DIY my own graffiti wall for backdrops last night, but that is what stock images are for!! 

The end results look awesome, and I even printed out a couple to enhance my latest Sometimes Foodie post

My life feels pretty hectic at the moment, but everything's coming' up Milhouse awesome! This is really great and a few doors are opening for me thanks to all the stuff I do after-hours online, and I need to give it my all to keep this up! 

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cool Down Tablet Drawing - Geez Louise, you're the best!

I might hold the Guinness record for most hours spent watching Bob's Burgers. It is my go-to show on Netflix and I've watched the series, in it's entirety,...I don't know how many times, but if I totaled it up I'm sure it'd be embarrassing. 

Last night I finished up a Miyazaki piece I had been working on for a themed art show, and to cool down I doodled this little Louise. It feels good to doodle again and since I put more effort into this than I originally intended, I'll be turning her into a sticker and button for my Etsy. Maybe I should doodle the rest of the Belcher clan...

Monday, June 13, 2016

Custom Sticker Order (300 Stickers!)

Images © Kastraz of Deviant Art
Just finished up a custom vinyl sticker order (300 stickers total) for the awesome Kastraz of Deviant Art and YouTube.

They’re printed on durable white vinyl so they’re waterproof, weather proof, and tear resistant! I even included an extra fabulous holographic-finish Mettaton. I honestly know next to nothing about Undertale, but I think these stickers are awesome! (I'm totally not biased at all.)

I included a special Holo sticker as a gift to Kastraz for placing the order. See it under the cut!