Sunday, June 15, 2014

Giant Orders and Packaging.

So many pendants...
Now that my giant order was finished and shipped out this week, I can finally post about it!

Just a reminder that all my food posts will be announced on my Sometimes Foodie Facebook Page from now on. (Sorry if this gets annoying, but I'll periodically post reminders since I think a lot of you are only following my Poison & Antidote art page.)
It's been a long time since I've had a bulk order, and the last time I had one I didn't have a full time job. With my schedule the way it is right now it's been a bit harder to keep up with everything I want to do (Etsy, Sometimes Foodie, have a social life...etc), but I'm slowly figuring things out.

While the packaging for this order wasn't perfect, it still turned out pretty nice for a rush job.

For this bulk order I wanted to package the pendants individually, but I didn't want to just toss them into little plastic baggies. I love these little bags for added shipping protection, but they look a little sketchy on their own. (In my area itty bitty zip-locks are referred to as "drug baggies," but I think a lot of states and maybe even Countries think the same way.) To try and make them look a bit more finished and professional I designed these little cards to staple to the top of each package. Admittedly I really didn't take my time with the design and I think it shows. I put my website really close to where I stapled each package shut, so I'll have to tweak the layout and size a bit for future orders, but they don't look too bad. It just bothers me because I am a perfectionist. The prints also turned out darker than I had intended, but I could have adjusted the laser printer to get closer to their on-screen appearance, I just didn't. (I was in a rush.) I plan on making the card at least .25" taller in the future so I have a bit more wiggle room for stapling.

As for the large box, I love my new "Thank You" strips, but I feel like my logo needs to be bigger. Normally I like to downplay my logo and keep things small, but these 6" x 6" boxes look so empty with my logo at this current size.

That's about it for this order...OH! I forgot to mention that I bought this really cute tissue paper with scalloped edges to use for these larger orders too. The colors are white, blue, and brown, which works well with my little cookie pendants (Since that is my most popular item at the moment.) That's all for now! Hopefully I'll bve updating this account more often.

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