Sunday, November 2, 2014

Making A Scholar's Cosplay PT 1: Scholar's Hat and Medals [EDITED]

Alvic Libretto of Excalibur aka Libra Fitzkhione Photo © LINK
EDIT: 3/2/17 - I created the costume pictured above for someone I was dating who attended the Las Vegas FFXIV Fan Fest in 2014. We are longer together, but since I am proud of the work I did, here is how I made a few of the costume pieces. Sadly, due to personal reasons, I never finished uploading the rest of the steps for the costume tutorial. 

I've mentioned this before, but my ex-boyfriend attended the FFXIV Realm Reborn Fan Fest in Vegas in October, and although I did not attend with him, I created his cosplay for the event. He entered the costume contest (which was pretty awesome) but he did not end up placing.

I figured I'd post a bit about the costume and the costume making process I went through. So today I have a few photos of the medals on the coat and the scholar's cap.