Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Daycare Art Lessons (Cheap art lessons for kids)

I have been teaching art at a daycare for over a year with a budget of $10 a class. I teach two classes once a week (one for kids age 2-3.5 and another for kids age 3.5-5+) which averages out to be 30 kids total. I'm sure you're all aware of this, but $10.00 does not buy a lot of art supplies, especially ones for 30 very small children.

I made this video to share a few of my art projects with you. If you have little ones around the house these might make for some fun weekend art projects, or if you're in a similar daycare/preschool situation with a limited budget this can help you stretch those dollars. 

This isn't all the lessons I have taught, these are just the ones that I still have examples of.

I plan on making another video with even more art ideas, so stay tuned.