Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm back from Otakon 2014!

I ended up running out of this design by day 2 of the con.

Oh man, I just got home from Otakon in Baltimore! Selling in the artist alley was pretty hectic and a lot of work, but I got to meet tons of new and interesting people, have lovely conversations, and rub elbows with awesome artists. (Plus I still got to attend my favorite panel ever, Voice actors after dark. If you attend Otakon and haven’t gone yet, it’s a must!)
I had planned on updating from the con but the reception in the basement (where the artist alley is located) was awful, and the free hotel wifi was nonexistent. (With over 30,000 internet-addicted anime nerds like me at the con, free wifi just didn’t stand a chance.)

I’ll be posting Otakon and art updates here as well as my art tumblr, and all of the items from the con will be available in my etsy shop later this month.

For now, I need a shower, some cuddles from my dog, and a nap in a real people bed.

See you all tomorrow! (And Hello to any of you awesome con goers I got to meet this weekend! I hope you all got home safe and sound.)

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