Sunday, August 17, 2014

In the name of the moon...I am so disorganized!

Sailor Muerte Stickers now available in my etsy shop~!

It's only been a week since I've come home from Otakon and I am still unpacking! I haven't had a moment to rest all week and things have been really hectic, but thankfully they should be back to normal starting tomorrow.

I'll get back into my normal posting routine with my blogs and settle back into my 9-5 job as a graphic designer. (I am actually looking forward to the daily routine.)

Right now I am trying to update my etsy shop with all of the items left over from Otakon, starting with my prints and stickers. My stickers are all printed on white vinyl with a protective UV coating for indoor and outdoor use.

I have my sticker review video coming up this week, once I finish editing it, so be on the look out for that too.

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