Thursday, August 21, 2014

Outer Scout Wand Stickers & Drowning in REAL LIFE

Outer Scout Wand Stickers now available in my etsy shop~!

First let me say that the outer wands are now available in my etsy shop, so please go check them out!

Okay, now time for my to ramble, rant, and panic. (Although not too much since I have so much to do I can't devote too much time to this ;_;) There are also more photos under the cut!!

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I've gotten home from Otakon and life hasn't stopped for one minute. I haven't gotten the chance to work on commissions, finish my long overdue Neku poster, list all my stuff on etsy, or edit and post my youtube videos!

I feel like I am getting nothing done, while simultaneously being too busy to do anything else and it's really freaking me out. That, plus the fact that summer is nearly over and I have barely been outside to enjoy the hot weather I absolutely love, has me pulling my hair out as I lay awake at night. (Technically morning, since I don't sleep more than 4-5 hours a night during the Mon-Fri work week and my "bed time" is roughly 2-3AM each night.)

Maybe I am doing too much, working 9-5, updating my art and food blogs daily, updating art and food related social media, and listing items on etsy each day, but I really don't feel like that's a lot. (Even though people constantly tell me that it is and that they have no idea how I function on such little sleep.)
I don't want to stop doing anything I'm doing, I just want to do more. If I budgeted my time better and didn't try to take little naps during the days when I am tired, I think I'd be able to get even more done, but I'd look even more zombie-like than I do right now. Plus, on top of all of these things I want to do, I also want to exercise more. I am gaining weight (most likely from all the food blogging and my sit-down design job) and I want to start walking more and being more active. (Although I hate cardio.)

I gotta figure something out. Maybe if I beef up my queues for everything it'll be easier, but that requires sitting down and being able to focus on filling them. When it comes to doing all of that with your own content, it's pretty time consuming.

Bah, enough rambling. I got stuff to do, laundry to fold, and things to list on etsy. (I feel like the White Rabbit, constantly running around and worrying about being late.)

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