Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Finished Rhyme and Beat Prints and How I made Them

Okay so the vlog post for my Otakon 2014 experience should be up by the end of this week, I apologize in advance if I looks like a zombie, but I am fairly certain I got the con-plague.

I never got the chance to post about the rest of the prints I made for Otakon, I was way too busy being a one-woman sweat shop, so here are some progress shots and finished photos from my Rhyme and Beat posters. (Rhyme ended up selling out on the last day of the con but she'll be available on etsy soon.)

These little cards are 2.5" x 3.5" and I did the sketches with a mechanical pencil

First, both posters started out as little sketched ATCS (artist trading cards) that I made for orders in my etsy shop. I photographed each rough sketch before shipping it out, so I used those as a guide for the finished posters.

I thought her expression was too blank, time to add some personality.

From there I took the photograph, enlarged it, and plopped it into illustrator. Then, on a new layer, I started inking the sketch. A vectored style perfectly matches the art for the game. It's chunky, imperfect, and very graphic. As I inked I modified the sketch and tweaked things here and there to make everything look a bit more polished and refined. (These ATC sketches were really quick ones to thank buyers in my shop. So they needed a lot of tweaking.)

My layers got a little messy, so I was trying to find a way to get the chain to work the way I wanted it to.

Once the line art was completed I would start laying down flat colors and add very basic shading.

That's all! Then I saved the files, added the captions, and rushed them to the printer in time for the con. I wish I had planned the series out a bit more, I feel like way too many of the characters are facing left, but I am still quite happy with the outcome.

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