Tuesday, July 29, 2014

*gasp* More Stickers?

Welp, yesterday I came to the realization that this is my last full week to create things for my table in Otakon's Artist Alley, and I am freaking out. There's still so much I want to make and do, plus I still need to reconfigure my entire display and table set up.

I may or may not be an utter wreck... (but if I am, I'm very good at hiding it. Notreally.Ihaven'twashedmyhairinforever.)

I've been really happy with the quality of my larger vinyl stickers (Don't worry video review is coming soon), and they've already been selling really well in my etsy shop, so I ordered some more!

I ordered all four of the sailor wands, which are printed 2-up for a total of 50 wands for each scout.

The three outer scout relics that formed the grail, an now these...

Chibi Usa's Pink Sugar Heart Wand and Saturn's transformation wand. I'm really happy with how the sugar wand came out, it looks so freaking cute, but I still hate the outer senshi's wands. They just look so silly. Still, I wanted to make sure I represented Sailor Saturn in some way, and her long and skinny glave just wasn't sticker-friendly.

After I went ahead and Made Saturn's, I figured I might as well make the rest of the outer scouts as well.

I really dislike the outer scout wands, even though they are my favorite scouts, so I'll only be ordering 25 of these instead of the 50 amount I have ordered for everything else.

I think that's pretty much it for stickers for now, I plan on ordering some of my Sailor Muerte print as stickers, but I don't think I'll be posting that one here.

Okay, stickers are pretty much complete, and ordered, time to panic and worry about absolutely everything else!

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