Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Broken Phones and Carnival Themed Posters

Welp, my phone's touchscreen magically broke so I am phone-less for the next few days. I still get all my messages, alerts, and alarms, but I can't access any of them. Apparently the connector that holds the touchscreen mechanism to the circuit board broke off and the entire phone needs to be replaced. My new phone should arrive in a day or two, but I decided to go cold turkey n the meantime.

It mainly stinks because I use it to take photos while I'm at work.

Lately I've been working on these 12"x18" posters for a Church's Bible Camp that is using a carnival theme. It's been a lot of fun. Check out more posters under the cut.

This cotton candy themed one was the first poster I made and it set the tone for the rest of the 21-poster series.

I know the typeface is practically default, it automatically comes on more computers these days, so I admittedly feel a bit lazy using it, but I thought it suited the occasion. I mean, this is a carnival for friends and family at a small local church, and I am not getting paid big bucks for design. I think it's an okay design choice, but I am still kinda beating myself up over it.

Since I know next to nothing about sports I had to Google a baseball for stitch-reference. Who knew baseball stitches were so intricate? I tried doing 'V' shapes stitches at first when I had no reference and that was completely wrong.

Popcorn! This was one of the more fun posters to make. I had a lot of fun making all of the random kernel shapes.

Gotta keep hydrated. I made the bottle myself but the water splashes in the background were made using a specialty brush and a few layered effects.

I don't know if I'll post all 21 posters, but I will definitely share a few more of the cuter ones later this week. (Hopefully with my new phone.)

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