Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Stickers Finally Arrived!

I ordered stickers from two different companies to see how the quality and services compare, so once I get my second order of stickers from my other source I plan on making a video comparing the two.

For now I am really happy with the first batch that arrived.

The colors are nearly identical to what I have on screen, the images are sharp, saturated, and absolutely perfect. I'm really impressed.

For now I decided to cut the stickers out on my own, since die cutting was a lot more money for small orders, but cutting them out by hand hasn't been too difficult.I plan on offering these in my etsy shop before the con, and I might make a special where if you order 5 sailor moon buttons you get a crescent wand sticker free. I think that sounds good, but I'm not dead set on it yet.

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