Monday, July 7, 2014

Progress! Sort of...

So I started making the inner scouts' crystal transformation wands, and just as I finished Mars' when the program crashed. I had been periodically saving, so I wasn't too worried, but when I opened the file up it seems to have been backlogged somehow. All of the work that appeared says it was last saved on the 3rd, and I have saved and closed the file since then, so I'm not sure what happened.

I was able to finish Mars' wand, but only as a flat un-editable JPEG. See the finished work and my thoughts on the new Sailor Moon Crystal series under the cut.

Sailor Moon Crystal: I set my expectations really low, since we've already seen the trailers I knew what to expect visually, but I was really happy with the story. My boyfriend and I woke up at 6AM and watched the screening on Hulu, since Crunchroll wasn't working for us, and while the art is really lazy looking, the voice acting, story, and songs are very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to seeing where the series will go and how closely it'll follow the manga, but I really wish the art was different.

Why is there random 3D? If it was done cell-style the art would look so much better. That lazy gray/multiply-layer shading they use with 3D animation like that looks so cheap and lazy.

Oh well, as for my vectored wand, check out the images below to see what I created before the Adobe Gods ate it.

I'll be remaking this in Illustrator sometime after work tomorrow. Let's hope it won't get eaten this time.

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