Monday, June 13, 2016

Custom Sticker Order (300 Stickers!)

Images © Kastraz of Deviant Art
Just finished up a custom vinyl sticker order (300 stickers total) for the awesome Kastraz of Deviant Art and YouTube.

They’re printed on durable white vinyl so they’re waterproof, weather proof, and tear resistant! I even included an extra fabulous holographic-finish Mettaton. I honestly know next to nothing about Undertale, but I think these stickers are awesome! (I'm totally not biased at all.)

I included a special Holo sticker as a gift to Kastraz for placing the order. See it under the cut!

Images © Kastraz of Deviant Art
These are Kastraz’s Undertale designs, I just printed them up and cut them for her artist alley table. If your interested in grabbing some of these for yourself, CLICK HERE for her DA and YouTube, but if you want custom stickers off your own art, I’m your girl!

Just send me a message over on etsy with how many stickers you'd be interested in, how soon you need them, and their general size. These are all roughly 2" wide and 3" tall. (Give or take a few weapons, tails, and limbs.)

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