Thursday, June 23, 2016


Lookin' all kinds of professional! Not like a food crazed sleepless zombie at all!
Look at me being all professional looking and junk!

So my numbers aren't super impressive, yet, but they're not bad considering I started the official blog in January of 2014. For roughly 2 years of hustling, this isn't too shabby.

Check out the backside after the cut!

Oddly enough, I'm pulling in some decent monthly numbers from Singapore, which is awesome, but something I never expected.

Creating this thing was a walk down memory lane when it comes to my food photos and posts, but when it came to self promo images...I'm a hot freaking mess.

Once I figure out what I am doing with my hair (if I'm going to cut and re-dye it auburn or not) I'm tapping some of my photo savvy friends for some playful foodie editorials and professional head shots. Digging through my "selfie" photo folder for this YouTube shot was...brutal. Never again.

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