Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 176: Business Cards make me legit, right?

Summer Fancy Food Show, Here I Come!

I'm heading to NY this weekend to attend my first ever food industry event! (I’m so nervous!)

Wifi-permitting, I’ll be posting updates while I’m there, but I don’t know how great my connection will be. Keep an eye on my Instagram account for any photo updates.

Since I am still playing around with my business card design, I just printed and cut these temp cards at work to get me through the weekend. They are standard size (3.5"x 2") on 12PT single side coated stock. Not too shabby.

The final cards will have a spot UV, which means stamp-like gloss coating, on the front with all the scattered images, but I'll be sticking with a matte back just in case I want to write any notes or anything while I'm networking.

See you all on Tuesday!

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