Sunday, May 24, 2015

Some WIP stuff for Otakon 2015

Otakon is almost here. I am freaking out!

There's still so much I want to make and do! I already have all my in-stock-stickers cut out and ready to go, I have my two sailor moon mini sheets done, I'm starting on some little notepad designs, and I am making more jewelry.

It’s fun getting back into polymer clay jewelry and charms. I made more mini fruit tart studs, some little doughnut studs, and I’m making my Princess Jelly Fish print into a few underwater themed buttons.

I am a list maker, so here is a list of more stuff I want to make/do before the con:
  1. Order More Vinyl Stickers (There is a sale coming up in June on the 15th)
  2. Make more purses, totes, and pouches with Spoonflower custom fabrics
  3. Make pencil cases
  4. Make a mini-zine with some of my 365 art so far
  5. Make more hair bands, bows and accessories
  6. Order more shopping bags
  7. More foodie polymer clay jewelry
  8. Order some of my prints as postcards
  9. Make more prints
  10. Finish Black Lady Print
  11. Print up something for Sometimes Foodie to put in shopping bags
  12. More Duct Tape Wallets 
  13. Reconfigure con table display! (Some PVC parts are now missing! Whyyyy)
  14. Get a better memory card for my video camera so I can vlog
BLAHHHHHHHH I'm losing my mind. I need to clone myself and stop sleeping.

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