Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 40: Everything is Beautiful

In my bedroom, I have several old record album covers decorating the walls. I think it makes me seem like I'm really into music, or vintage artwork, but really, I'm not. Sure, I like music and I do like some retro imagery and aesthetics, but I'm not super keen or obsessed with one or the other. Truth is, I bought them at thrift shops back when I was in high school because I just liked the art on the covers. That's all.

Out of all my records, I have one that I am just visually obsessed with. It's this one, Andre Kostelanetz's Everything is Beautiful. It's really simple, and my copy is pretty worn, but there's something about the warm colors and the model's face that I am crazy about. I am even thinking of buying another copy online so that if anything happens to my current one, I'll still have this artwork.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I am really obsessed with it. It's my favorite record hanging in my room, so I decided to use it as inspiration for tonight's drawing.

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