Sunday, January 25, 2015

New stickers on the way! (OMG a non-365 post?)

I've been so busy lately! I'm trying to expand what I currently offer in my shops and conventions, while also sticking to my daily workout routine, keeping up with my draw365 challenge, doing small commission work, AND working my 9-5 job. (All while running a food blog that updates daily.) I am losing my mind, but I kind of like it?

Maybe I finally snapped, but it's a fun little challenge for myself, like, let's see if I can survive this schedule for a year, and if I do, will it make a difference in my life?

Anyway, on a less personal-journey note, I finished up my 2nd Sailor Moon Mini Sticker Sheet. The photo above isn't the finished layout, but I wanted to share it anyway. I'll post a few more photos and progress shots under the cut.

I had a few customers send me messages on etsy asking when I would make a sticker to represent the Starlight's, and I was planning on it, but their items are so awkwardly shaped! They don't have a wand, like any of the other senshi, and they didn't have that many items related to them. They have a transformation-headset-microphone thingee, winged brooches, and these insanely complicated star weapons, which weren't in the manga. I took one look at the Star Yell item and went, NOPE! So I opted not to make it, at least for now. (In my opinion it's kind of gaudy anyway, but I am way too insane right now to even think of vectoring all of those faceted crystals.)

Anyway, I made two starlight items, and since all three Starlights use the exact same items with no differences, that was it. Kind of a pity really, I feel like they didn't get as much exposure and attention as they really should have, but the only distinction between their outfits and transformations were their chokers and waist belts.

Other than the Starlights, I figured, why not make the transformation pens for the inner scouts?

I wasn't sure if I should do the Crystal versions, or the original anime versions, so I started out by making one of each. The Crystal ones, with their cheap gradient shading techniques, were really quick to put together, while the ones from the 90's version had much more complex cell-shading. I decided to make both, which was going great, until I got to Venus' pencil/wand. I had to look up so many reference photos because her wand in the manga and in Crystal is so different from the others.

I know Venus' wand is meant to be a pen, but I can't help but look at it and think it's a mechanical pencil.

Once all of the wands were out of the way I decided to make a few other sticker odds and ends, like Luna, Artemis, Diana, Luna-P, and Sailor Saturn's Glave. Saturn's item was another thing fans had been requesting, and I didn't make it originally because it's so long and skinny. I didn't think it was too sticker friendly, but what the heck, here it is anyway.

I already placed the order with StickerYou, so they should be available sometime in February, and they'll be sold in my ETSY and STORENVY shops! I'll be ordering larger, individual, stickers of everything and hand cutting them, just like the stickers I currently offer, but those won't be available until March. For now, I'll keep you all posted on my progress and let you know what I'm working on next. 

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