Monday, December 9, 2013

Student Teaching Signs

Being a teacher you start making signs for everything. Here are some of mine!

Just a sign to show new students where our finished artwork folders are for each period.
A simple sign for no-name papers. The elementary art teacher has a fun saying on her's, "No name, no fame." I love it, but it was a little too immature for high school students. 
After we started painting I tested out this student grade "acrylic." Why is acrylic in quotes? Because I am 99% sure this stuff is tempra. No way is this acrylic! It covers NOTHING. So I though I better let the student know.
This sign is one of my favorites. Now that we are painting we only have primary colors available, and students constantly ask how to make brown. These are just some of the many options. I explained that everything opposite on the color wheel will make a brown, but these were some of my favorites.

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