Sunday, December 8, 2013

I got 99 problems but setting up paint palletes ain't one!

 How do you set up paint palettes for each class of 25 high school students? Find out how and read more about my painting adventures in student teaching under the cut!

With spoons of course! (+1 broken palette knife.) 

While student teaching, I would set up palettes every single morning during homeroom, and repeat the process for the rest of my art one classes. (Which were 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th periods.) I didn't mind getting messy with paint each day, as an art teacher I felt like it was a badge of honor, but I hated cleaning the spoons in the sink. Only the cold water tap worked and after everything was clean and put away my hands ached from the extremely cold water. On Mondays it was the worst. Most schools turn the heat off during the weekend to save money, so that made the water even colder, and my hands hurt so much that I had to stop after every two spoons. Ah the joys of public schools, tiny art rooms with one sink, and old buildings. 

Evil ice cold sink aside, the spoon method worked rather well. I could quickly knock out 25 palettes with 6 colors in about 6-8 minutes.

Notice anything missing in that first photo? NO BLACK! I am on a personal mission to try and get students to darken colors using things other than black, especially since we are working on impressionist paintings right now. So far, I have been quite successful. (Although my co-op does dole out black paint here and there against my wishes.)

Random note: That broken palette knife was my favorite art tool in this classroom! I am going to miss it when my student teaching semester ends this week. I'm tempted to steal it, because I fear that it might be thrown out once I leave.

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