Monday, October 6, 2014

Accidentally Growing Pumpkins?

So there's this mini-aisle at Target that's filled with the most random silly stuff. (I'm sure a lot of you Target go-ers know what I'm talking about.) I think of it as the $5.00 and under stocking stuffer and gift aisle, but it has little themed items year round, so it isn't holiday exclusive. I'm addicted to that random aisle.

I like to wander through there to see what they have, admittedly a lot of the times the aisle is filled with crap I don't need, but once in a while I find really cute stuff, like strawberry printed tea towels! During my last shopping trip with my boyfriend, I found this adorable little pumpkin kit. The packaging was really cute, but what are the odds of growing a little pumpkin in the beginning of October? Plus it's only a dollar, no way will this work. I bought the itty bitty dollar box mostly so I could admire it's itty bitty cuteness and well designed packaging, and after sitting on my desk for 3-4 days, I decide to actually open it.

The kit contained a package of seeds, a super tiny plastic pot, and a disk of compressed peat moss. I soaked the puck in water popped 2 seeds into it, and sat it in my window expecting to never see any progress. I would mist it lightly with water once a day before I went to work, and it sat in my window by my computer to get a little light. One day I saw the seed swell and a tiny white vine came out, and the next...

...holy crap look!

It's growing! Actually growing! It went from a sickly white vine to having leaves overnight! Plus it looks hearty, thick, and fuzzy! (That's what she said.)  I looked up the best time to grow pumpkins, and it's July! What am I going to do? I need to get a giant pot so this little baby can grow inside of my house, but it'll take 120 days to fully mature. If this little thing survives, and reaches full fledged pumpkin-hood, I'm gonna have a fully grown pumpkin in January/February!

This is really exciting, I never expected this to grow anything at all, but now I gotta get a bigger pot....

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