Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Custom Stamp Designs

I need to get some custom stamps made. For the last two years I have been ordering my logo on little oval stickers, that way I could easily add them to jewelry boxes and packages.

It was working out great at first, but trying to apply stickers perfectly is getting tedious and costly to keep up with. I am hoping that I can start using stamps instead.

I was thinking that if I got a custom stamp made I would most likely need a couple.
  1. My Poison & Antidote logo w/website
  2. Sometimes Foodie logo w/website
  3. Coffee stain image

 I don't know which image is more stamp friendly, I am guessing the white one, but I made a black version just in case. I really want to include my website on the stamp, so I don't have to write it out every time, but I might have to rework it so that the website will stamp easier and be legible. I'm thinking my text might be a little too thin for the URL.

I'd also like to make some stamps for my sometimes foodie page, so I can stamp little business cards and notes for giveaways. I figure it'd be better two break that design into two different stamps. a coffee stain and the logo with the URL. That way it's more versatile.

Basically I have my designs completed, now the only problem now is that I have no idea who I should order from. I'm looking at a few different options, but I thought it'd be nice to support some other etsy shops instead of big companies.

I'll make a post review of the stamps after I've ordered them, maybe it'll be helpful to other small business owners out there.

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