Monday, July 15, 2013

Simple Summer Drink Recipe: Iced Honey Lemon

Iced Honey Lemon 

~ A simple and refreshing drink for summer ~

- 2 Tablespoons of honey*
- The juice of 1 large lemon
- A bit of boiling water 
- 5 cups of cold water

Since I was going to drink this the same day, I started by slicing up a little bit of lemon garnish to add to my pitcher. If you plan on leaving this in the fridge and drinking it over the span of a week, I'd recommend adding lemon wedges to each glass individually as desired. Letting the lemon wedges sit in the water too long will make them bitter. (Just like over steeping tea.)

After adding my garnish, I juiced my large lemon and added it to my pitcher. I had a large lemon that was really ripe, so it produced the perfect amount of juice, but if you have smaller lemons you might need to use two of them to get the same amount. Use your best judgement and follow your own taste preferences. (I like things to be a bit tart.)
I recommend using a strainer to prevent any seeds or pulp from getting into your finished Honey Lemon.

Next comes the honey. Pour this into a heat-safe container.

Since this is a simple recipe, the quality of your ingredients really makes all the difference. Normally I would use unprocessed organic honey, but I was all out. This time I used clover honey, which turned out just fine, but you can definitely taste the difference.
I used two tablespoons worth, but I like my honey lemon tangy. If you'd like it to be sweeter you can add more honey.   

Add a bit of boiling water to your heat-safe container and stir until your honey is dissolved. This step will save you a lot of stirring later and it'll make sure there are no globs of honey at the bottom of your drink.

Add the honey mixture to your pitcher. I poured mine through my strainer just to make sure all got all the lemony flavor out of the remaining pulp.

Now all you have to do is add your 5 cups of cold water, give things a stir, and you're all done!

~ ENJOY  ~

Chill this in the fridge for a bit and serve it over ice. It's a really simple and refreshing summer drink. (Plus honey and lemon are both good for you. Especially organic honey.)

I poured mine into a huge water bottle and took it on my day trip to the beach. It kept me nice and hydrated while I was laying out in the sand.

*I recommend organic honey and if you like your drinks to be a little on the sweeter side you can always add more.

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